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Color Library: Risographic Printing Guide

A first of its kind book, the Color Library: Risographic Printing Guide showcases a fantastic range of Riso ink color profiles created by Color Library and Risograph printed by Risolve Studio.

Color Library offers a large database of digital color profiles for artists, designers and printers. Color profiles are computer programs used to ensure color calibration by accurately translating from one color space to another.

Normal images for printing are specified in the CMYK color space. However, it is also possible to reproduce images by only using two or three non-CMYK colors. Such special colors are commonly called “spot colors” which are the foundation for these beautiful color profiles.

– 67 unique Riso color profiles created by Color Library
– Each book cover features a randomly selected color profile
– First edition of 300 copies

Publication year: 2019
Published by: Risolve Studio
Edited by: Risolve Studio, Maximage
Language: English
Graphic design: Risolve Studio, Maximage
Pages: 136
Photographies: Shirana Shahbazi
Images: 67
Dimensions: 1.5 × 25 × 35 cm
Weight: 665 g
ISBN: 978-1-7323920-2-1


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