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Culture Générale en Images

Culture Générale en Images (General Culture in Pictures)

D.I.Y computer to plate: Offset plates engraved using a digitally controlled machine tool. Carried out at ECAL by 1st year graphic design students, supervised by Maximage and Eiliean Friis-Lund.

Illustrations developed by: Pauline Baldinetti, Ines Barrionuevo, Loris Briguet, Alexandre Brunisholz, Emma Chapuis, Hugo Hectus, Leoni Limbach, Jeremy Maffei, Elena Najdovski, Julie Neuhaus, Thais Nguyen Huu, Lynne Nougou, Laetitia Paroz, Guillaume Pavia, Ares Pedroli, Amanda Puna, Julie Ryser, Samuel Schmidt, Timo Tiffert, Laura Trummer, Fiona Valais, Adeline Vermot, Loris Wahler

Printed by Benjamin Plantier in March 2019 at l’ECAL.

Publication year: 2019
Published by: ECAL
Edited by: ECAL/Maximage & Eilean Friis-Lund
Texts: –
Language: French
Graphic design: Students with Maximage & Eilean Friis-Lund
Pages: 48
Photographies: –
Images: –
Dimensions: 0.5 × 23.5 × 33 cm
Weight: 157 g


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