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DDUUOO – Stepladders

DDUUOO – Wood Stepladders

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of La Cordée in 2018, the professional sector of the Fondation Delafontaine, students in the Bachelor of Industrial Design programme at the ECAL created a series of innovative and modern objects to be presented for the Christmas holidays.

For this purpose, the students worked for a semester under the guidance of Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen to design the projects as well as with socio-professional masters and workers from La Cordée. The name and visual identity were designed by the students of the Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in a course with the Zurich graphic designer Jonas Wandeler. All made of ceramic or wood, the objects produced range from a two-step stepladder to nesting bowls, including a removable shelf, coat hooks and a storage bin.

Designer: Elie Fazel
Dimensions: W395mm D200mm H520mm
Materials/Colours: Natural beech varnished
Weight: 5.45kg

Cannot be shipped for logistical reasons. Only available for pick-up at ECAL.


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