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Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass is a research project led by ECAL’s Master Product Design department between 2012 ans 2014. This project was set out over four workshops, all of which followed distinct objectives, yet which all aimed to question the potential of glass in contemporary art and design.

Publication year: 2015
Published by: ECAL
Edited by: ECAL/Augustin Scott de Martinville
Texts: Eleonora Catellarin, Ronan Bouroullec, Augustin Scott de Martinville, Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Matteo Gonet, Luc Bergeron, Alexis Georgacopoulos, Luke Archer, Camille Blin, Mathieu & Pauline Saglio
Language: English
Graphic design: Luke Archer, Leonardo Azzolini
Pages: 50, softcover
Photographies: Various photographers
Images: 326 (color)
Dimensions: 0.4 × 16 × 24 cm
Weight: 152 g
ISBN: 978-2-9700962-3-8


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