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Le monde automatique

The reading of a text is directly related to our memory and the image that we perceive of this text. Some words disappear from our visual field, others encrust themselves. Some words persist by their sound, their content, but also their location in the page, their graphics: their weight, their clarity, their gray. This project is a typo/graphic study on our visual relation to a given text. Which parameter and system typo/graphic we can develop for the composition of the text and its image? Led by Ludovic Balland as part of a workshop in Bachelor Graphic Design.

Publication year: 2016
Published by: ECAL
Edited by: Ludovic Balland
Texts: Fake
Language: French
Graphic design: Students with Ludovic Balland
Pages: 32, newspaper
Photographies: Students
Images: 30 (b/w)
Dimensions: 0.5 × 37.5 × 52 cm
Weight: 164 g


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