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Perfect Instance – Yellow

Fondly described by Bruno Munari as ”Useless Machines”, mobiles are kinetic sculptures constructed in such a way as to balance freely in perpetual motion, thus magically making air appear visible for a moment.

In collaboration with the Japanese mobile brand TEMPO (mother tool) located in Ashikaga, Bachelor Industrial Design students from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, under the guidance of Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen, created mobiles based on different production techniques, know-how and local materials sourced during a recent study trip to Japan.

UGOKU — Japanese for MOVE — showcase a selection of mobiles (Lisa Bernasconi, Loris Gomboso, Lukas Streit) produced by TEMPO ( which invites visitors to playfully handle them or simply contemplate their gentle dance.

Perfect Instance
Designer: Lisa Bernasconi
Dimensions: W374mm H950mm
Material: Aluminum, Brass
Color: Yellow
Weight: 260g


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