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Type Bulletin #4

This Type Bulletin has been designed by Malte Bentzen, Nicolas Bernklau and Sophie Wietlisbach, and meticulously printed at ECAL by Benjamin Plantier.

All the typefaces used in this publication have been designed by students, including the font used in this text, Modern Gothic Light Mono, a diploma project by Malte Bentzen. These are just some highlights from a more extensive body of work. The typefaces used on the cover are Offkey by Nicolas Bernklau, Digit Grey by Anne Seseke, Buchkunst by Paul Christ, H.mon by Chiachi Chao and Carte Antique by Sean Kuhnke.

The sample text is taken from Jan Verwoert, “Apropos Appropriation: Why Stealing Images Today Feels Different”, Art & Research, vol. I, issue 2, 2007. The quote has been taken from Janis Gildein’s thesis, “Collecting, Copying, Translating”, ECAL, 2020. The Greek sample text is taken from “The Modern Greek Language and the Ancient Texts” in Christos Giannaras, [The Modern Greek Identity], Grigoris Books, 2001, p.157.

Publication year: 2021
Published by: ECAL
Edited by: ECAL
Texts: -
Language: English
Graphic design: Malte Bentzen, Nicolas Bernklau, Sophie Wietlisbach
Pages: 26
Photographies: -
Images: -
Dimensions: 33 × 25 × 0.5 cm
Weight: 210 g


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