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Under the Rainbow

This book is part of a research project conducted at ECAL that takes a critical look at standards in the field of offset printing. One will find here a collection of texts and images related to colour printing which recount histories, at times unknown, others forgotten, or else, for some, never told.

Publication year: 2018
Published by: ECAL
Edited by: Tatiana Rihs, Maximage
Texts: Carolyn L. Kane, Alexandra Loske, Sarah Lowengard, Brooke Sylvia Palmieri, Tatiana Rihs, Elizabeth Savage & Ad Stinjman, Amy Sillman
Language: French, English, German
Graphic design: Ramaya Tegegne
Pages: 274, softcover
Photographies: Various photographers
Images: 52 (color)
Dimensions: 2 × 14 × 21 cm
Weight: 513 g
ISBN: 978-2-9701209-2-6


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