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The Sausage of the Future

Sausages are one of mankind’s first-ever designed food items. This research project conducted at ECAL by Carolien Niebling, Master Product Design graduate, explores the design and taste of the future sausage, while critically discussing alternatives to meat consumption worldwide. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), we are facing a serious shortage of protein-rich-food. Meat, in particular, will be scarce. One reason for this is over-consumption: in today’s world, we simply consume too many animal products. So, can we look to sausages to provide a solution once again?”

Publication year: 2017
Published by: Lars Müller Publishers
Edited by: ECAL/Carolien Niebling
Texts: Carolien Niebling
Language: English
Graphic design: Carolien Niebling, Helge Hjorth Bentsen, Olli Hirvonen
Pages: 156, softcover
Photographies: Jonas Marguet, Emile Barret, Noortje Knulst
Images: 174 (color)
Dimensions: 1.3 × 21 × 28 cm
Weight: 633 g
ISBN: 978-3-03778-548-5


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